2017 PJHSA Membership Information

New for 2017, there will NOT be a fee for registering your horse. 




There are three types of membership:

  1. Associate:  Associate membership is open to horse owners and others who are interested in supporting the character and aims of the association but not competing for points.
  2. Individual:  There are two types of individual membership.
    1. Junior Member:  Anyone who has not reached their 19th birthday as of January 1st of the current year.  All junior members require the signature of a parent or guardian, and their date of birth on the membership form.
    2. Senior Member:  Anyone who has reached their 19th birthday as of January 1st of the current year.
  3. Family Membership:  Family memberships can include up to 2 adults (19 and over) and their unmarried children 18 and under (birthdates must be listed for junior members).

Exhibitors must be a member of PJHSA to be eligible to accrue points towards year end awards.  The exhibitor's horse or horses must be registered with the organization (there is NO fee for registration of horses).  Exhibitors do not have to own the horses they show.  

Memberships runs from January 1st through December 31st and are non-transferable.

Current Dues

Membership Types:

1. Associate: $20.00

2. Individual Junior/Senior: $40.00

3. Family: $60.00


Please complete the membership form below and return to contact noted:

Adobe Acrobat document [353.1 KB]

Horse Registration



Horse registration mail in form.


To participate in year end awards, both the horse and rider are required to be registered.  Horses need to be registered for points to accrue for all classes, not just the classes that are judged solely on the horse's performance.  If the owner is NOT the exhibitor of the horse, the owner does not need to be a PJHSA Member. 
Please fill out our horse registration form to join!


Please remember to be eligible for year-end awards, you AND your horse BOTH need to be registered with the Association.  You can begin to earn points when both registrations have been received with the Point Count and Membership chair person.

2016 Horse and Pony Registration Form
2016 Horse reg.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [132.6 KB]
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