English Class List for 2020!

2020 Class List


All classes are PJHSA and CC pointed unless otherwise marked


1)            Lead line Walk

2)            Lead line  W/T

3)            Lead line walk off lead

4)            Mini Stirrup W/T Hunter CC qualification – riders must be 8 & under, PJHSA points – 10 & under

5)            Mini Stirrup W/T Eq

6)            Mini Stirrup W/T Pleasure

      10 min schooling break

7)            Short Stirrup W/T Eq

8)            Short Stirrup W/T/C Eq

9)            Short Stirrup O/F 18”cross rails (4 X-rails)

10)        Short Stirrup O/F 18” cross rails (8 X-rails)

11)        Long Stirrup O/F 18” cross rails (4 X-rails)

12)        Long Stirrup O/F 18” cross rails (8 X-rails) SS 12 and under, LS 13 and up

13)        Long Stirrup W/T Eq

14)        Long Stirrup W/T/C Eq

15)        Open W/T Pleasure – division PJHSA pointed only

16)        Open W/T Hunter

17)        Open W/T Hunter Hack – single cross rail 18”

      10 min schooling break

18)        Novice Eq W/T

19)        Novice Eq W/T/C

20)        Novice Eq O/F 2’ fences

21)        Novice Eq O/F

22)        Modified Hunter O/F – fences at 2’

23)        Modified Hunter O/F

24)        Modified Hunter O/F

25)        Modified Hunter US

26)        Pleasure Horse/Pony W/T

27)        Pleasure Horse/Pony W/T/C

28)        Pleasure Horse/Pony Hunter Hack

      10 min schooling break – Baby Green only

29)        Baby Green O/F    Rider’s Choice of 2’ or 2’3”

30)        Baby Green O/F

31)        Baby Green O/F

32)        Baby Green US

      10 min schooling break – fences at 2’

200)   M&S Children’s Pony Medal- small/med 2’, large 2’6”

208)   M&S Sore No More Children’s Horse Medal- 3’

204)   M&S Dover Adult Medal- 3’

     Medal classes will be run together, unless entries warrant splitting classes – will be pointed as one class for PJHSA, PJHSA pointed only

33)        Children’s Pony /Horse/Adult Hunter O/F- sm/med 2’, large 2’6”. horses 3’

34)        Children’s Pony/Horse/Adult Hunter O/F

35)        Children’s Pony /Horse/Adult Hunter O/F (1st round of classic) sm/med 2’, lg 2’6”, horses 3’

207)   M&S Children’s Pony Hunter Classic

205)   M&S Children’s Horse Hunter Classic- 3’

206)   M&S Adult Amateur Hunter Classic- 3’

     Classic round will be run together unless entries warrant – pointed as one class for PJHSA

36)        Children’s/Adult Hunter under Saddle

     M&S Medal and Hunter sections will be run open card according to fence height – schooling breaks will be added as needed for fence heights

      10 min schooling break – fences at 2’3”

37)        Low Hunter O/F– division PJHSA pointed only, fences at 2’3”

38)        Low Hunter O/F

39)        Low Hunter O/F

40)        Low Hunter US

41)        Jr/Adult Eq US

42)        Jr/Adult Eq O/F rider’s choice of 2’3” vs 2’6” fence height regardless of pony vs horse.  Division will count for CC for JR Eq and Low Adult Eq divisions

43)        Jr/ Adult Eq O/F

44)        JR/Adult Eq O/F

      10 min schooling break – fences at 2’6”

45)        Pre-Children’s/Low Adult Hunter O/F     Fences at 2’6”

46)        Pre-Children’s/Low Adult Hunter O/F

47)        Pre-Children’s/Low Adult Hunter O/F

48)        Pre-Children’s/Low Adult Hunter US

201)   M&S Children’s 2’6” Medal

202)   M&S Adult 2’6” Medal

     Medal classes will be run together unless entries warrant– will be pointed as one class for PJHSA

203)   M&S Bit O’ Straw Classic (2 rounds)


Hunt Pairs – Hunt Pairs Over Fences and Hunt Pairs Under Saddle will both be optional classes that can be included in the Class List at the discretion of the show management.  They can be inserted anywhere in the class list or at the end.  Show management can run either class or both.  If they are included, please refer to them as Class A (Over Fences) and Class B (Under Saddle). They will not be a division, just individual classes.




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